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How to file taxes?

It is not as complicated as it seems.

Every Mexican reaches that stage of his life in which he wonders if he can somehow get rid of paying taxes, not only avoid declaring them, but also erase his existence from the SAT, but the reality is that they are not only inevitable but declaring them is less cumbersome than it sounds. In the following article, we get to know about How to file taxes? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be advantageous for you guys.

The lack of financial education and the series of myths that exist demonizing this practice makes us reject it immediately because to file taxes, from the outset, we have this idea that taxes are a way of taking away our well-earned money. Naturally, we do not like to pay them.

Easy, we go by steps.

The first thing you should have is your RFC, which is your official registration as a taxpayer and that you get once you register with the SAT, either by going to one of its units or on its official website. There you will discover if you are a physical or legal person, a person or a company, and if you should file taxes once a year or every month.

They will also give you an electronic signature (FIEL) that you must renew from time to time, and it will serve you to issue invoices and receipts.

There are Federal, State and Municipal taxes. Their return is classified into “direct taxes” imposed on your economic capacity and “indirect taxes” on the inputs you consume.

Income Taxpayer

You must know what type of taxpayer you are so that you are responsible for these “direct” contributions such as income tax (ISR), property and tenure taxes, and “indirect” gifts such as value-added tax (VAT) and the unique production and service tax (IEPS).

Although it sounds like they will take every penny from you, these taxes vary in calculation depending on the activity and, in turn, can change from one year to the next to file taxes, so beyond sharing a table or a guide, we want to motivate you to go to the SAT portal and familiarize yourself with it to file taxes.

What am I declaring?

Taxes are contributions that we make to support the country, state or city. In theory, thanks to the millions of Mexicans who pay every year, we have parks to file taxes, open Wi-Fi in various areas and practically free medical services to file taxes.

What you declare to the SAT is your income, whether it is salary, sale of property, income, etc., from which you must set aside a small percentage that must be withheld to file taxes. These taxes are calculated based on a portion of your payroll or invoice receipt and can be calculated on your annual earnings or by the amount to file taxes. It all depends on your tax status and your work activities.

The good thing is that you can also deduct on your return some personal expenses for what you used those same earnings and therefore reduce the taxes you pay.

You have the right to deduct medical expenses such as hospital payments. And clinical studies, insurance premiums. Philanthropic activities such as donations to institutions, tuition fees, etc. As long as you request the invoices or receipts to verify them to file taxes.

Well, OK, where do I get trained?

The best thing is that we no longer live in long lines. And shifts in alphabetical order since now you can declare your taxes digitally on the SAT portal to file taxes. Hallelujah, yes, sir! Or, well, in most cases, to file taxes.

If you declare taxes monthly, you must pay no later than the 17th of the month and. In the case of annual tax, no later than March 31. In the case of legal entities and April 30 in natural persons to file taxes.

The property tax, possession or endorsement are some of the payments. That discounts can be obtained if paid digitally in advance to file taxes. However, many people go personally to the SAT offices. We can now do it from the official portal with our Electronic signature to file taxes.


You can pay ISR, VAT and IEPS. Still, you must also review the payment of contributions depending on each state to file taxes. Each entity determines which taxes can be delivered digitally. And which is mandatory to go to a branch to file taxes.

Whichever method suits you, the important thing is that you do it because otherwise. Your bank accounts may be seized. And your data may appear in the list of debtors of the Federal Treasury on the SAT website.

And do I also have to declare my investments?

Sure, since your earnings are also a source of income, but with DINN, you have nothing to worry about! This is because your earnings with us are net, which means that taxes are automatically withheld to file taxes.

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