How to start a conversation on tinder?

How to start a conversation on tinder?

Tinder is one of the most popular and used dating apps on the market. Since its release, which initially took place only in the United States, Tinder has always been very successful, mainly due to its ease of use and the almost total absence of fake accounts, due to the need to associate a phone number to your account. Over the years, Tinder has evolved and introduced new features. What at the beginning was simply an app to exchange interest, with the sole purpose of transferring communication to other messaging apps or the real world, has now become a real social network. But how do you start a conversation on Tinder? You probably asked the question on the web, thus ending up on my blog.

Where is the Tinder chat

To start a conversation on Tinder, of course, you need to be registered. In case you haven’t created an account yet or don’t know how to sign up.

Instead, if you already have an account, you’re likely wondering where the chat is on Tinder. And actually, finding it is not a trivial matter. While it’s not entirely hidden, the Tinder chat isn’t in plain sight. This, since Tinder’s primary function, isn’t messaging at all.

However, to find the chat screen and start messaging with other users, you first need to ensure compatibility. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry, because, in the next paragraph, I’ll explain it to you in detail.

On the other hand, if you remember seeing a notification related to this word, try opening the Tinder app. From there, tap on the icon located in the upper right corner, marked by a sort of cloud with dots inside. By tapping on that icon, you will be shown the “Messages and Feeds” tab, where you can see the latest updates of compatible profiles, all active chats, and all new compatibilities.

How to start a discussion on Tinder

After unlocking compatibility, you can finally start a conversation on Tinder. To proceed, first, go to the “Messages and feed “tab and select the profile with which you want to create a discussion in the list that appears.

This is what you can do, and there is little else I can tell you about it. However, I also want to give you some advice to start a conversation in the best way, to pique the other person’s interest and make sure that the communication can develop in the best way.

Before sending a message to someone you have compatibility with, make sure that compatibility is accurate and that it was not born from a like left by you or the other person by mistake.

To verify this, go to his profile, read what he wrote, look at his photos and, if he connected Instagram or Spotify to his Tinder account, take a look at his profile and his playlists.

I know it may seem like a maniacal attitude, but it is the only way to determine if that compatibility is not a fake and if there are widespread interests or if it was born for a mistake.

Texting on Tinder

To send a message on Tinder, all you have to do is go to the “Messages and feed “tab. On that screen, select the user you want to chat with from the compatible contact list.

This will open the conversation window. Just compose the message’s text and press the Send button to deliver it to the other party.

See online contact on Tinder.

When you activate the conversation on Tinder between you and another person, it is as if you were friends on Facebook or as if you were added to contacts on Telegram or WhatsApp. This means that you can know if the users you have compatibility with are online or when they were last active.

To find out if a user is online on Tinder, you need to go to the “Messages and feed “tab and open the chat screen with that user by tapping their name in the message list.

Once you’re in the conversation, focus your attention on the user’s name. Right there, it will be written to us if that person is active. If not, the time of your last access will be shown.

Check if a Tinder message has been read.

Suppose you want to know if the message you sent on. Tinder has been received or read by the person you sent it to. All you have to do is open the chat screen with that user. And look just below the text of your message.

How to talk secretly on Tinder

You can’t start a secret conversation on Tinder. There is no secret chat mode on this app like that of Telegram. This means that it is not possible to speak on Tinder without revealing your identity.

However, it is possible to message anonymously with a Tinder user and at the same time be an invisible incompatibility. You may be wondering how to do it, aren’t you? The answer is, trivially, by using other messaging apps. After activating the compatibility, immediately exchange the username of Telegram. Kik, or another of the best apps to chat in secret.

After connecting on other chats, unlike them on Tinder. By doing so, you will be able to chat. Incognito without being seen by anyone who spies on Tinder on your mobile phone.

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