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How to open a can without a Can Opener?

People usually give up on canned foods when they don’t have a can opener. There are multiple ways to open a can without using a specialized can opener. It is also possible to open the can without using a knife, as some people perceive it as dangerous. By using some very common household items, anyone can easily open a can without a can opener. 

Open a Can Without a Can Opener

The three most common methods for opening a can give below. However, it is significant to remember that opening a can without a can opener sometimes makes very sharp and jagged edges on the lid, so it’s better to be careful. It will be good to wear safety gloves or cover your hands properly with some cloth such as a towel before prying off the lid.

Open a Can with a Metal Spoon

  • Place the can on a flat and stable surface and Use one hand to hold it steadfastly, and grasp the spoon with the other hand.
  • Now Place the tip of the spoon in contradiction of the inner edge of the lid, where normally we place a can opener. Hold the spoon as it’s inside must face the lid of the can, and Start rubbing the spoon back and forth while pressing it down hard. It will ultimately create a hole.
  • It will be easy to slowly use the spoon’s edge to cut around the top from this hole. In this way, the light will weaken, and it will be easy to open the lid.

Open a Can with a Knife open a can without a can opener

  • If someone is more comfortable using a knife, then this method uses a chef’s knife to puncture the lid of the can. 
  • Hold the can firmly and Grip the handle of a chef’s knife. Place its blade on the inner edge of the lid.
  • Exert some force to Push the corner of the blade downwards until the lid gets punctured. 
  • Keep Repeating this process around the rim of the lid until it becomes possible to open it easily. 

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Open a Can with a Rough Surface

It is also possible to open a can using a large rock or stretch of concrete by following some simple steps below: 

  • Find a large and flat rock or a piece of rough concrete. 
  • Now Place the can upside down on the piece of concrete. Or the top of the rock in a way that its seal must touch the rock surface. 
  • Now Rub the can back and forth over the rock. It will be good to use a scrubbing motion to create friction.
  • Whenever a little bit of moisture appears on the rock, it is the indication to stop. Some people rub for a long period right through the lid and spill their food. Therefore, it will be wise to turn the can over to check the lid every so often. When the seal gets broken, pry the lid open. This method might take a little more work but get the job done very well. 


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