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How to Get Periods Immediately?

If your period starts every month, it’s normal. It means everything is OK about your hormones. Sometimes you postpone your plans due to periods but now you can enjoy your al,l plans because there we have some remedies which cause your period more than and fastly. 

Getting periods early quickly

There are pills that influence your menstruation cycle. You can move your periods by taking them. For example, if you start taking medications earlier than your periods so you have earlier following periods. And if you skip the pills, so you have a break in your periods. 

Precaution: These pills imbalance the hormones so you should concern the doctor before taking these pills. These pills change your emotions, mood, and of course fertility.

Use Of Vaginal Ring

The vaginal ring and hormone patchwork in the same way as pills. This means that you get your periods early.  For example, if you want your periods early you can put it 3 or 4 days earlier so you get your bleeding starts 3 to 4 days earlier.


Some doctors say that painkillers give you relief from painful cramps and decrease the days of your periods. You have 6 to 7 days of periods, but it drops to 3 to 4 days if you take a painkiller. You can max take 3 to 4 times painkiller but don’t more dose than present on instructions. 

Precaution: The effect of the painkiller on your body health because it changes your hormonal balance. The anesthetics are used in emergencies and for a short time. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C increases the estrogen level and decreases the progesterone level of your body at the same time. It causes your uterus to shrink and the lining also shrinks and peels off. It means your periods are started… 

There is no medical research proving vitamin C causes periods immediately, but it’s my own experience. I take vitamin C tablets to get early periods. So, many natural products have vitamin C you can same result by consuming them raw. Parsley, kiwi, strawberries, oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruit, guava, papaya, tomatoes, and also vegetables such as broccoli and spinach are riched by vitamin C.

Herbal Remedies 

There are some herbals and plants which onset your periods:


Ginger can use contraction in the uterus, which promotes the bleeding and periods are starts.


Like vitamin C, it increases the estrogen level and decreases the progesterone level, which causes periods.

Chinese Angelica 

It causes bleeding prom pelvic, which induce the periods.

Bug Herb

The herb stimulates the menstruation cycle and causes bleeding to the lower abdominal area.

White Peony 

It promotes blood circulation in the lower area e.g pelvic area which causes bleeding. 

All these herbs are taken with tea or used as spices in our meal. 

Warmth And Relaxation 

Many women take a hot bath and warm compress with a hot water bottle to get their menstruation flow. This is most effective when you combine it with general relaxation. More stress induce change in the hypothalamus of your brain. It regulates the hormones and thus you have period more quickly. So relaxation can cause menstruation balance. 

Sports and exercise

Those who work out in period days can shorten the time of period. Movement causes an increase in blood flow which causes faster drainage and a short period of days. More exercise and sports will produce stress on your body and mind. So, be aware that too many jokes and activities affect your hormones, which imbalance the menstruation cycle and don’t have periods. Don’t take this condition lightly, and be concerned with your gynecologist. 


There are many remedies that cause periods more immediately but it depends on you that why you want immediate periods. Home remedies are better than taking tablets or pills. It is not confirmed that the remedy 100% works on you because it depends on your body and hormones. Every human has a different body reaction so it depends on you which method you choose and how it reacts to your body system. Hope you understand it and for better advice concern to your doctor. thankyou

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