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How to get rid of nausea?

Nausea is not an illness, as is often assumed, but a symptom. By feeling uncomfortable, the body tries to tell us that something is wrong. Here you can find out how nausea develops and what helps against it. In the following article, we get to know about How to get rid of nausea? So, don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully.

What is nausea? 

Nausea is not itself a disease, but a symptom of various diseases and can therefore also have various causes to get rid of nausea. Nausea often leads to vomiting, because for the body it is actually a kind of protective reflex to get rid of nausea: It tries to get rid of harmful substances that are caused, for example, by infections with viruses or bacteria.

What happens when you feel sick?

Most of the time, the first thing we feel nausea is a queasy feeling in the stomach – but it actually arises in the head. Because the so-called vomiting center in the brain makes the decision as to whether we will feel sick and whether we should vomit. The brain usually receives the corresponding signals for this through the digestive tract. Causes for this can be, for example, increased pressure in the stomach or intestines, inflammation or too much alcohol.

Do we always vomit when we feel sick?

Nausea doesn’t always lead to vomiting to get rid of nausea. For example, nausea can only ensure that we do not consume food that the body has classified as harmful again.

What other symptoms do you experience with nausea?

In addition to vomiting, there are other physical reactions that can accompany nausea. These include:

  • Chest pain
  • Eye pain
  • headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever ( by the way, you can find home remedies for fever here.)
  • Cough ( we reveal home remedies for coughs here.)
  • Diarrhea ( what helps against diarrhea ? Find out here!)
  • stomach pain
  • Bloating
  • dizziness

Causes: What diseases does nausea indicate?

There are many possible causes of nausea to get rid of nausea – not all of which are harmless. Common diseases that cause nausea are:

  • Poisoning
  • Stress ( you can reduce stress with these tips)
  • Infectious diseases, e.g. B. gastrointestinal infection
  • Inflammation of the stomach lining
  • Food intolerance
  • migraine
  • Irritable stomach
  • Diabetes (untreated)
  • Hormonal changes, e.g. B. through pregnancy
  • concussion
  • Sunstroke

What helps against nausea?

If a serious illness is the cause of the nausea symptoms, treatment should be carried out in consultation with a doctor to get rid of nausea – often with medication. There are over-the-counter medicines in the pharmacy against so-called travel sickness to get rid of nausea. If you suddenly feel sick for no apparent reason, the following tips will help:

  • Relax in a quiet atmosphere. You can lie or sit, depending on which one feels better
  • Close your eyes, inhale deeply into your nose and exhale through your mouth
  • Let fresh air into the room through regular ventilation. If you feel well enough, you can also take a short, slow walk
  • Drink a lot – especially if you vomit and feel sick. Water and tea with ginger or chamomile are suitable for this

  • Avoiding stimulants such as alcohol, coffee, or cigarettes – these irritate the stomach
  • Several small and especially light meals should be consumed throughout the day , e.g. B. Rice with steamed vegetables
  • Strong smells should be avoided – they activate the vomiting center

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