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How to get rid of mosquito bites?


With the arrival of summer, mosquitoes also return promptly, and above all their bites are characterized by redness, swelling, and itching. In this article, we read about How to get rid of mosquito bites?


We have already seen how to keep them away from home in a natural and low-cost way and which are the plants to grow on the terrace or in the garden that will allow you to avoid the purchase of polluting and harmful chemicals.


If despite everything, you have been affected by these annoying insects, especially the tiger mosquito, very common in urban centers and quite aggressive, here are the natural remedies that, if you are not allergic, will allow you to cure the bites without immediately resorting to creams and medications.


Let’s see together what they are:

  • Clothing to get rid of mosquito bites

If you are planning a walk in the countryside or in places where there are rivers or swamps, always try to wear light shirts with long sleeves. Also, avoid too bright colors as they are able to attract insects.

  • Ice to get rid of mosquito bites

As soon as the sting is confirmed, apply a compress with cold water or ice to relieve the pain: just wrap the ice in a cloth. Instead, avoid placing it directly on the skin: you will avoid any cold burns.


Rub the inside of a banana peel on the sting area – it is quite effective.

  • Honey to get rid of mosquito bites

Honey is also an excellent natural remedy against mosquito bites: apply a little directly on the bite, cover, and leave on for about half an hour.

  • Bicarbonate to get rid of mosquito bites

Mix a teaspoon with honey or vinegar and then, with a cloth, pass it all over the sting.

  • Lemon to get rid of mosquito bites

Squeezing the lemon juice on the sting will allow you to reduce swelling and itching.

  • OnionĀ 

Onion is also an excellent natural remedy for mosquito bites. Rub half an onion on the sting to decrease swelling.

  • Salt

Immerse the part characterized by the presence of the mosquito bite for a few minutes in a solution with saltwater, it will allow you to find relief from the itch.

  • Aloe

It is a plant with soothing properties: its leaves are precious for fighting mosquito bites.


It will also have happened to you to go out for a walk with your baby and then bring him back home full of mosquito bites. Small children, especially infants, are in fact one of the main targets of mosquitoes, attracted above all by the smell of their skin. So what can we do to prevent our little ones from being attacked by mosquitoes? Here are all the useful remedies:

  • First of all, if you have already purchased them, do not overdo it with the use of repellents on the market as they could cause allergies to children and replace them with the essential oil of lemongrass, basil, or geranium: you can also find them in cream or stick.
  • If you go out for a walk, make sure that the children wear light-colored clothes: absolutely avoid bright colors, blue and black.
  • If the child is very young, avoid taking him out of the house in the evening at sunset and very early in the morning.
  • At home, install mosquito nets on the windows of the rooms where the child sleeps, if possible also over the crib and on the stroller during walks in the fresh air.

  • If, despite these precautions, the child has bitten by mosquitoes, do not let him start scratching the sting and wash it immediately with fresh water.
  • As already mentioned, ice can be a useful remedy for soothing itching and swelling, the same thing for apple cider vinegar and lemon.
  • Neem oil, also excellent as a repellent, is able to reduce itching as well as tea tree oil.

Especially in the case of children but also for adults, if you notice that the sting is particularly annoying or you are allergic, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

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