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How to double space in word?

Microsoft Word is, indeed, one of the frequently used file formats. It helps the people of various fields in typing the document. How to double space in word Most often, students and office employees use it for making different assignments and reports. 

Need of Double Space

Thesis, research work, and dissertation are quite tough tasks for the students. They have to go through a variety of content to write up the academic content. The final project or thesis demands lots of effort, and its writing style and formatting differ. Most often, the APA style is advised by the supervisors to write down the academic content. One of the demands of academic writing is double space. It is not as tough as it seems. Hence, you can do so within seconds by following some simple steps.

Method for Double Space

One can double space in the entire document or between paragraphs. Word document comprises plenty of options for formatting. Choose the font size, font style, heading style, and much more. Indent the paragraphs, double-space the document, and create the document as you desire. 

Method 1 double space in word

Open the laptop and double-click on the Microsoft Word icon. It will open up Microsoft Word. Now select the option of creating a new document. At the top of the document, the user can view a variety of options to choose from. Click at the option of Paragraph spacing. A drop-down menu appears on the screen, having lots of different options in it. 

Now click on the option of Double. Now keep on writing the content in the document. In this document, the entire content will be written with double space. 

Method 2 

There exists another easiest method for creating double space in Microsoft Word. In this method, you can double-space the already written content with super ease. Get the high accessibility of all the documents that you want to have double space in it. Open up the document and then select the paragraph in which you like to have double spacing. 

You can highlight the paragraph by selecting it with the assistance of the cursor. Now navigate the Paragraph box at the top of the document. There will be the symbol of the arrow at the bottom right corner of this box. Click on it. It will open up the dialog box having multiple options in it. Select the Line Spacing from there, and in the drop-down menu, make the selection for Double. After doing so, click the Ok button.

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Method 3

Open up the document and then highlight the passage in it that you are eager to double space. In the home tab section of the document, there will be the icon for Line and Paragraph Spacing. The drop-down menu will appear, having multiple options in it for spacing. It includes 1, 1.5, 2, and much more. Click at 2.0, and you get the double spacing in your desired paragraph. 

When you follow this step at the time of creating the document, then the entire write-up will be with double spacing. Choose the most suitable method from all of these and get the double space quite swiftly. 



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