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Difference between recruitment and selection

The difference between recruitment and selection is significant to understand. Recruitment refers to the procedure where potential candidates search for and then stimulated to apply for a definite or projected post. On the other hand, Selection is the procedure of appointing workers among the nominated or shortlisted candidates and providing them a job in the institute.

The victory of any business always depends on its workforce when a worker well suits for a job, the whole corporation can enjoy the welfare of their unconquerable success. Recruitment and selection help administrations to pick the accurate aspirants for the correct positions. Consequently, understanding the difference between recruitment and selection is vital to decrease any fatalities for an organization.

What is Recruitment? 

It happens when prospective employees search for and then encourage to apply for jobs. This is an essential process of employment though it is a long process with a series of tasks. It starts with an analysis of the job necessities and ending with the selection of the employee. Some of the Specific tasks involved in the process of recruitment are:

  • A deep analysis of all the job requirements and then Advertising the vacancy 

  • Strategies to Attract candidates to apply for the job and then Managing their response 

  • Scrutinizing all the applications for Shortlisting of candidates 

Recruitment activities are usually performed by Human Resource practitioners, either inside or outside the company. Internal recruitment sources include promotion of employees, transfers, economized employees, communication or references, ex-employees, retired employees, etc. External recruitment sources include recruitment. With the help of advertisement, campus recruitment, recruitment by employee interactions, recruitment with the help of the internet, etc.

What is Selection? 

Selection is when a company has to identify an individual from a pool of job applicants with the obligatory education and capabilities to fill jobs in the organization. This is an HR process that helps to distinguish qualified and unqualified candidates by applying various techniques.  Various strategies implement to help recruiters decide which applicant best suits for the job in this process. Some goings-on includes:

  • The procedure of Screening to eliminate unsuitable candidates 

  • Conducting an examination such as an aptitude test, intelligence test, performance test, personality test, etc., during Interviews and checking references.

The Key Difference Between Recruitment and Selection 

  • The recruitment includes the development of appropriate techniques for appealing more candidates to a position vacancy, whereas selection involves recognizing the most suitable candidate for the vacancy.

  • Recruitment paves the way for the selection process. And the selection process is only accomplished when a job offer creates and given to the particular candidate by selection letter. 

  • Recruitment is a positive process intended to attract more and more job seekers to apply. Selection is a negative process and involves refusing unfit applicants from the list. 

  • Recruitment is relatively more straightforward as compared to selection. The Recruitment requires the recruiter to pay less consideration to examine individual candidates. At the same time. The selection includes a more thorough inspection of candidates where recruiters aim to acquire every tiny detail about each applicant to select the perfect match for the job.

  • Recruitment consumes less time and is less economically demanding, but selection involves a wide range of activities, so it’s a time-consuming and expensive procedure.

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