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Difference between BE and B-Tech

If you are a student or a parent confused about which course is better for engineering, you have come up at the right place. The engineering students are confused between the two popular courses offered in their country. Difference between BE and B-Tech. B.Tech(Bachelor of Technology) and BE (Bachelor of Engineering). Always keep in mind that these courses have almost the same value everywhere. Although they seem similar courses, they have quite a few differences as well.

The primary difference that every engineering-related person knows is that B.Tech emphasizes practical application, and BE emphasizes theoretical knowledge. You might find B. Tech is more fascinating as it will offer more practical during your study period. But remember that BE gives you the ability that will apply later during finding jobs and making gadgets.

What is BE?

According to Wikipedia, a B.E is:” A Bachelor of Engineering (abbreviated as B.E.) is the first professional awarded to a student after three to five years of studying engineering at an accredited university.” The degree of Bachelor in Engineering (B.E) is equivalent to Bachelor of Science. The B.E degrees are awarded for technical programs in universities offering science and technology. Other universities provide (B.Sc.) degrees for the same subjects.

This degree teaches the students to solve engineering queries with the help of the principles of mathematics and science. New methods and technologies are offered to the students. The students of B.E acquire problem-solving skills, an analytical approach, and discover how to conduct proper research during their study at the university.

An engineering research paper submits during the last year of engineering to get the degree of bachelor in engineering.

What is B-Tech?

According to Wikipedia, a B.Tech:” A Bachelor of Technology (commonly abbreviated as B.Tech) with honors as B.Tech. (Hons.) is an undergraduate academic degree conferred after the completion of a three-year, a four-year, or a five-year program of studies at an accredited university or accredited university-level institution.”

This degree includes all the technical and conceptual knowledge of all the fields of engineering. A student from sciences can start this program after finishing the 12 years of study as a science—it four-year degree comprised of both practical and conceptual knowledge. The institute awarding this degree provides a lot of training sessions as well. This degree is more about useful and less about bookish knowledge.

What is the difference between BE and B-Tech?

Let’s look at some competitive bases on which we can differentiate between BE and B-Tech.

1. About the course:

B.Tech and B.E are graduate-level programs. B.Tech very skill-oriented course. The students start learning about the primary subjects from the first semester. However, BE very data-orient. Apart from the core subjects, the students must study topics of other branches, e.g., history, etc. The curriculum is very theoretical. Although in your mind, B.E seems harsh compared to B.Tech, BE is much preferred in the market. People think that a student of BE has more knowledge about the world than the student who just studied his subject only. The student’s learnings these programs get internships, field tours, and industrial trips to prepare them for the job level.

2. Duration

The duration of both BE and B.Tech is the same. Eight semesters covered in 4 years.

3. Eligibility

The eligibility to enroll in both programs same. The requirement demands ten classes and two more with science subjects. Primarily chemistry, physics, and math are significant subjects. Both courses require 50% passing marks to enter. However, you have to clear specific tests before getting admission to a university. Some famous tests for B-Tech are Jee Mains and GUJCET.

Which course should I choose?

There is no doubt that both B-Tech and BE are equally acceptable in the world. But some fields let you identify which course you may choose if you are a student who is more interested in going to the manufacturing field later. Must select a B.E. whereas if a student is more interested in modification of hardware. Then he should choose a B.Tech. Students usually chose a program based on their interests, strength, and plan.

There is a specific misconception about these programs, which we would like to clear before concluding this blog. It is false that private institutes offer B. E and Govt. Institutes offer B.Tech, industrial training not provided in B.E /B. Tech and B.E are more valuable than B. Tech or vice versa.

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