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Difference between Training and Development


Training can be defined as an educational process in which staff gets an opportunity to develop different skills, Difference between training and development aptitude, and learning as per the requirements of their duty. So it is a process of increasing the understanding and expertise of an employee. Training will always be short-term focused and for a fixed period. Generally, it is the result of initiatives that take by management, and it is a result of outside motivation.


Development is an informative process to help understand the overall growth and upgrading of the employee’s skills. So it is a process of learning and evolution. Developments perform to face future challenges successfully. That’s why it is long-term focused and takes place throughout the life of a person. Generally, it results from initiatives that self takes, and it is a result of self-motivation.

Difference between Training and Development:

Some of the significant differences among both terms are as follows: 


Training is developing a set of new skills, capabilities, and learning as per the post-duty requirements. It helps to perform well and polish all the existing skills. Training increases the chances of promotion as well. At the same time, Development refers to the informative process which helps to improve the overall growth and upgrading of the employee’s skills. The process of Development usually lasts till death.


Training will always take place for a minimum period. Time duration will fix for training with some targets. Once the target achieves, training will stop. However, training comes with a new and different set of skills. At the same time, development is a long-term process throughout a person’s life, and people never cease to adapt and learn things on their own. 


Training will always be a job-oriented process. On the other hand, Development is a career-oriented process. The primary aim of pieces of training is to make improvements and perform successfully in existing jobs. It helps in the promotion as well. However, Developments are performed to improve knowledge and skill to face future challenges other than the job. 

Reactive and proactive 

Training helps individuals learn how to perform in the present job, so it considers a reactive process, but development prepares individuals for future jobs and growth in all aspects; therefore, it is a proactive process. 

Motivation: Difference between training and development

Training is the consequence of all those initiatives takes by management because of the outside motivation. At the same time, development occurs because of all those initiatives a person takes, and it is the outcome of self-motivation. An individual attends them both. 

Learning and implementation: Difference between training and development

During training, people learn new things and refresh the old ones. Conversely, in development, people implement all the learned sessions and then start finding new ones.

Main focus

The main focus of the training remains on all the technical skills, and it has a narrow scope as well, but Development is all about conceptual and human ideas, and it has a broader scope. The focus of the training will always remain on the role and present need, but development focuses on the person and revolves around future needs.

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