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How often should you bathe your dog?

How often should you bathe your dog: As a child, my family had a Bolonka Zvetna lady named Bonnie. She was loving, a great playmate, and made no noise when she had to be bathed (she was a very quiet animal in itself). Now I know how lucky I was back then, as many dogs don’t like being bathed at all. In this article, we read about How often should you wash your dog?

Since many dog ​​owners know their dogs’ hatred of the bathtub, the dog bath is often left out or postponed because of this or time constraints. But how often should you bathe your dog at all? Can I harm my dog ​​by washing too often? We have put together the most critical points for you.

When the dog smells bad

In an informal survey of dog owners in my circle of friends (and of course in the Rover office!) There was a winner about the frequency with which dogs should be washed: When the dog has wallowed in the dirt or poop again …

“I always bathe my dog ​​when he’s rolling around in piles in the park,”  for example. “So about every two months.” Geez! But as a dog owner, you can’t avoid the subject of dirt and dog poo.

As often as necessary, but as rarely as possible.

What if my dog ​​doesn’t like to dig in the dirt? Is there a rule of thumb for how often to bathe your dog?

Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to this question, because how often you should wash your dog depends, among other things, on the following: breed, lifestyle, skin type, as well as any skin sensitivity and, last but not least, how much your dog likes to bathe. If you are not sure, you should ask your veterinarian about this.

Also, keep in mind that dogs have a natural film of fat that protects them. Too frequent washing and shampooing can damage this protective layer. The following applies to swimming: As often as necessary, but as rarely as possible!

Daily grooming is essential.

To keep the dog’s fur clean and free of dust and other debris between baths, make daily brushing a part of your four-legged friend’s routine. Regular brushing distributes the sebum evenly in the fur, giving it a healthy shine. You will also reduce nodules and burrs. For most dogs, five to ten minutes of daily brushing should be sufficient and can, for example, be included in the walking routine (e.g., brushing directly after a walk).

Between baths, you can also wipe your dog with a special wet wipe: it takes much less time than a full bath, and the dog is still clean enough!

Professional tip

Use the daily grooming routine to palpate your dog and look for any noticeable changes or parasite infestations.

Wet wipes for dogs can do wonders between baths.

How often and how should I wash my puppy?

Puppies, for example, shouldn’t be washed too soon after they arrive at the new home. As a rule, you should wait around eight months. In the meantime, the bitch would lick her puppies with her tongue, but we recommend that you use a towel slightly moistened with lukewarm water (more comfortable for everyone involved). It would help if you got a puppy used to the water little by little and did not use shampoo too soon. However, it is good to introduce your little four-legged friend to bathing in a playful way. Bath time can be a great socialization opportunity, especially for eight to twelve-month-old pups.

Note that you only need to wash your puppy or adult dog if it is foul. However, if you get your dog used to bathing early on, you’ll thank yourself for it later. The first time you wash, it is better to use a bowl of warm water and a towel instead of the bathtub or shower. When the puppy is a bit older and ready to upgrade to the bathtub, it is best to put a bath mat in it so that the little four-legged friend does not slide back and forth.


Whether you need to bathe your dog once a week, a month. Or even four times, a year depends on its breed, skin type, and lifestyle. For example, if your dog sleeps in bed with you every night, you should wash him more often than if he stays well in his dog bed. Apart from that, the decision mainly depends on the dog’s coat type.

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