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How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone?

If you have replaced your smartphone and want to switch from Android to iOS or do not know, come to transfer the address book on your new iphone or even better export contacts, notes, text messages, calendar of Android or if you need to use is a device Android that you and one Apple want to synchronize contacts on both phones. In this guide, we will explain how to do all this.

There are several methods to transfer contacts (wifi, Bluetooth, iCloud, etc.) from Android to iPhone: the main ones use the Gmail phone book or VCF files. The first solution to migrate data from Android to iPhone is straightforward and fast, without making too many configurations. At the same time, the second involves manual actions on your part to import contacts to iPhone.

How to transfer phonebook from Android to iPhone via Gmail

By configuring the same Google account on both Android and iPhone, it is possible to copy the address book to the iPhone quickly and easily. In addition, all changes made on the iDevice will be automatically applied to the Android smartphone. The first thing to do is to synchronize the  Gmail address book on the Android device.

This is possible through the settings menu, accessible from the notification curtain or the app drawer. By tapping on Account, you will find the Google logo if you have already configured the account. From here, you need to select your email address and make sure that the Contacts toggle is active. Once you have synchronized on your smartphone via Gmail, switch to the new iPhone and do the same thing by logging into your Google account.

To view the Gmail phone book on iphone, follow this procedure:

  • Settings
  • Mail
  • Account
  • Add new account
  • Select Google

At this point, you need to log in to the same Gmail used on your smartphone and then synchronize your contacts. After tapping on Allow, make sure that the Contacts toggle is activated, finally, save the settings.

To be able to view Gmail contacts in the address book of your iOS device using these steps:

  • Settings
  • Contacts
  • Default account
  • Select Gmail

After waiting a maximum of 2 minutes, you should see all the contacts perfectly synchronized in the address book.

How to set up a new Google account

If there is no Google profile on the phone (which is somewhat tricky), go to Settings – Account – Add and choose the Google logo from the menu that appears. Then, type in your login credentials. If you have no Gmail account and want to create a new one to synchronize the address book, you need to tap on create a new account.

What to do if it doesn’t work?

If you do not see anything, try adding a new contact on your smartphone to simulate the synchronization of the phone book or wait a few more minutes.

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone

If you want to pass files and contacts from your Android device to an Apple device manually without activating any synchronization, you can do it by exporting a VCF file. On the terminal of the green robot, open the Phonebook or Contacts application, tap on the More button (present at the top right) and choose Settings. Click on Import / Export contacts, select Export, and choose whether to save the contacts in the address book on the device memory or on a micro SD.

Once the process is complete, send the VCF file by email or via Bluetooth. On the iPhone, launch the default e-mail application and access the received message to copy the address book to the iPhone through the previously created vCard file. If you have used the Mail app, tap on the Add all contacts button (present at the top).

At this point, all phone numbers will be automatically copied to the iOS device address book. If you have used an alternative email client (e.g., Outlook), the VCF file may open as a simple preview. From here, tap on the Sharing option, choose Open in, and tap on Copy to contacts.

How to send VCF file from Android to iPhone

If you don’t know how to send yourself a message with the contact file, open the Download application or the file manager installed on your device and go to the folder where you saved the vCard file. Holding down on the latter, tap on the share option to send it through the email app (eg Gmail).

How to Migrate Data to Android on IPhone with iCloud

simply from the iCloud.com website. After logging in with your personal account, select the Contacts icon and set the VCF file in the address book via Settings – vCard Import. All the contacts in the file will be automatically synced to your iPhone.

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