How much to feed a puppy?

How much to feed a puppy?

A little puppy is moving in, and you’re already very excited. Different types of food pile up in your home because you don’t know what the little one likes and what is good for them. Keep calm because searching for the right dog food for puppies is easy and offers you plenty of scope for varied and age-appropriate feeding. In this article, we read about How much to feed a puppy?

Healthy growth depends on a healthy diet.

Most puppies have an insatiable hunger. This is since the “natural gnawing brake” is not yet working. It is also known that most puppies prefer to eat wet rather than dry food. But right now, you must pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet. If you feed too much or too large portions, the puppy will grow too quickly and may get sick. With high-quality, exceptional food for puppies up to 6 months of age, you are well-advised, and you can be sure that your little one is getting all the essential vitamins and minerals. Avoid high-performance food when feeding puppies, as it has a far too high energy content and hurts growth when given in larger quantities.

How much food does a puppy need per day?

Based on the requirement per kg of dog, you can calculate the correct daily amount of food for your dog. Since the feeding extends to four meals a day, you divide the total amount into four identical servings. This means that if the correct amount of food for your puppy is 500 g per day, you are giving 125 g of puppy food per feeding.

What can puppies eat?

Puppies are allowed to consume wet and dry food, puppy treats, and snacks. “Human food” has no place on a dog’s diet, as it is incompatible due to the spices and damages the kidneys. If your puppy is a second dog, make sure that each dog has its food. Adult dog food is not suitable for puppies, and your mature dog should by no means be given the much higher energy puppy food. The small milk teeth do not have the bite force that an adult dog can muster. If the chunks of food are too big and too hard, a tooth could break off, for example.

Worth knowing about puppy feeding

Feeding a puppy isn’t that complicated after all. It is mainly essential that you calculate the correct amount of food for puppies and do not forget to deduct additional treats from the ration. If you buy high-quality puppy food, you will usually find a high level of acceptance. How much to feed a puppy? At best, you should give the food four times a day at equal intervals. A reduction in the number of feeding units is not recommended, as too much food at once makes you sluggish, can lead to nausea and diarrhea or, in the worst case, to a stomach twist. After eating, your puppy should never play. Do not motivate him, but give him the now necessary rest to digest.

How to calculate the amount of food for puppies

If you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, you don’t even have to bother with calculations. But even your analysis is straightforward and prevents you from feeding too much or too little. The latter rarely happens. In most cases, small puppies are given too much food, making them grow faster and puts on a lot of body fat. How much to feed a puppy? Small breeds have lower energy requirements than large breed puppies. Nevertheless, you can use the rule of thumb to provide the 200 g to 400 g for every 5 kg of body weight. For the sake of simplicity, we are counting on a puppy weighing 10 kg.

10 kg = 400 g to 800 g feed: 4 meals = 100 g to 200 g per bowl

If you also give treats, you subtract 50 g to 100 g from the daily requirement. When it comes to wet food, the real weight is decisive. With dry food, you have to calculate twice the volume in the softened state and reduce the amount accordingly.

How often does a puppy get food?

At least three meals a day are essential for puppies. Please divide the amount of food the puppy will eat up to five meals. This method prevents a full stomach and prevents the little four-legged friend from fluctuating between the states of “overeating” and “hungry.” How much to feed a puppy? Keep in mind that a puppy’s stomach is much smaller and that a well-intentioned, full bowl does not result in healthy eating.

Treats, snacks & Co. – allowed for puppies?

The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. When the new roommate moves in, the whole family wants to show their love and pamper the little one to their heart’s content. Puppies are allowed to have treats and snacks, but the dose should be adapted to the dog’s size. If you give too many treats, there will be no room for regular feeding – or you will overfeed your puppy. It is also essential that you tailor the snacks for your puppy carefully and to the needs of young dogs. This applies not only to the quantity but also to the texture and ingredients. Here you will find the proper treats that will give you a clear conscience and your puppy joy.

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