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How to remove a screw with a stripped head?

It can happen to everyone to find themselves unscrewing a stripped screw. That is to say, with his head ruined by inadequate use of tools. Maybe someone tried to remove it with an unsuitable screwdriver. Or it was stuck with rust, and the metal was destroyed. In this article, we read about How to remove a screw with a stripped head?

In any case, there is a problem with dissolving and a pin stuck in the wood or iron to extract. How to unscrew stripped, rusty and broken screws effectively? Here is a small guide to solving your problems without risking to frustrate your DIY work. And those who invest in DIY know that this is an event to be avoided.

Begin to unlock the screw to be extracted

Before understanding how to unscrew a pin with a stripped head, it is necessary to check if there is any specific problem. Often it is not just an inefficient use of the screwdriver to ruin the cut required to impose the rotary movement: the complicity of rust is an obvious problem. What to do in these cases? You have to unlock everything.

The best (and easiest) way is to combine a spray lube and an iron brush. Use the latter to remove surface rust that covers the screw head. Then spray the liquid – such as the classic Laser, Svitol, or WD-40 – to penetrate the thread giving a few strokes on the pin to facilitate sliding.

Find and test the suitable screwdrivers.

Often, after using a good lubricant, you need to use a suitable tool to get the result. Then choose the screwdriver with the ideal shape, insert it.

Use it counterclockwise. If it does not adhere enough, try covering the head of the screw with adhesive tape: by inserting the screwdriver, you can create an adherent thickness and increase the ability to impart force. Here, this is an important point.

The technique for unscrewing a damaged screw suggests paying close attention to the pressure: it must decide with the help of the body’s weight. Alternatively, you can use screwdrivers with specific functions for this job. Does it not work? Let’s move towards more intelligent ideas.

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How to unscrew a stripped screw

There are different ideas based on the shape and state of the damaged head. The technique simple for a rounded cut model: use a hacksaw for the iron and cut to create a cross insert. In this way, you have a new section to exploit to impart the necessary force to unscrew the pin. Do you work on screws of a specific size?

You can also use the hammer and use the screwdriver as a chisel to give it a few taps to turn counterclockwise until the pin is unscrewed.

Use a damaged screw extractor.

Sometimes there is no alternative. You cannot avoid using specific tools. If that screw blocks a mechanism or two pieces of wood that you cannot ignore, and you have not found an alternative remedy, you must look towards the tools needed to remove pins and studs that no longer have a chance to be removed according to the orthodox rules.

They are the extractors, tools that can penetrate the damaged screw thanks to the more complex material and the reverse thread How to remove a screw with a stripped head? Basically, after making an entry hole in the stripped pin, you have to screw the extractor counterclockwise (that’s right).

Then perform the opposite movement, then clockwise, which will unscrew the damaged screw. There are kits with extractors of all types and sizes, some with double heads that allow you to drill and thread with the same tip. Do you often work with these elements? Consider purchasing a professional workshop set. Having such a set of tools in the workshop can be helpful. But always remember that the operation is not without risks. If you make the wrong measurements and use a too large extractor, you can permanently damage the screw with obvious negative consequences.

How to unscrew a stripped screw

Your goal is to solve an insurmountable problem at first sight for a screw with a rounded head. A more brilliant-cut made with a grinding wheel or a hacksaw may be sufficient. For those conical and grafted into the wood with a retractable lead, there is often no solution. And you have to act with the extractor.

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