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How to make Spaghetti?

Looking for a recipe for dinner for tonight? This easy and quick recipe will put food ready in just about half an hour or less. You’re stuck on what to make? Or you want to make your meal planning as easy as you can, using simple ingredients and without complicated methods. Congratulations! I’m here to help you; this most straightforward recipe will glad you for sure. In the following article, we get to know about How to make Spaghetti? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

There is no need to visit a fancy Italian restaurant to enjoy a fantastic meal. I will share a great recipe to make your dinner more special. This delicious spaghetti recipe is easy to prepare. Your family will be convinced that you spent the whole day in the kitchen.

Let’s get started with the recipe now to enjoy your dinner.

You will need the following ingredients to make the spaghettis:

  •  A packet of uncooked spaghetti.
  • The meat of your choice
  • Spices
  • Seasonings

Steps to follow:

  • Boil the spaghetti sticks for 8 to 10 minutes in salty water. This salted water will enhance the taste of your spaghetti.
  • Take another pot, add 2 tbsp of oil. Now, saute 2 tbsp of ginger garlic paste in it with the meat of your choice cut into small pieces.
  • Add veggies of your choice. This may include (carrot, cabbage, bell peppers, peas), etc. Could you give it a good toss?
  • Now at this stage, add seasonings. Soy sauce, chili sauce, salt, pepper, red chili flakes, chicken powder, or any alternative to this.
  • Toss it well.
  • Now, add spaghetti. Mix it properly, so the prepared sauce with veggies mix up well with each other. Let it cook with a covered lid on slow flame for a few minutes.
  • Top it with green onions. Serve with tomato ketchup or any other sauce of your choice. I prefer store-bought bolognese sauce as it has the perfect flavor that makes spaghetti fancier.
  • To make it fancy, serve spaghetti with grilled medium-rare steak, some baked potatoes, and a glass of wine. 

Tips to make perfect spaghetti every time

  • Add salt to your pasta as it raises the temperature of the water’s boiling, which allows the pasta to cook more quickly and, more importantly, adds flavor to the pasta.
  • Stir the noodles. Another method to ensure that the spaghetti doesn’t clump together can be to mix it up every few minutes during cooking.

  • You do not want to cook the spaghetti too long. I’ve seen many ways to check how the spaghetti is cooked; however, the only method I’ve used is to test it by tasting it.
  • Make sure to reserve some water from the spaghetti for creamy spaghetti. Also, you use a good sauce for good flavor.
  • Remove the heat, and then add cheese and olive oil after mixing boiling the cooked spaghetti and sauce for a couple of minutes at high temperatures.
  • Put your spaghetti onto the platter and twist it, and the noodles will turn around and are in a nice, high pile.
  • For the final flourish, add high-quality olive oil on top, sprinkle a little parmesan cheese, and you’re ready to enjoy fantastic spaghetti!

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