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How to deal with a narcissist?

The world is full of negative and positive people. We meet hundreds of people in a day and don’t know about their nature to deal with a narcissist. However, the people who are constantly around us, we understand them, and they have a great influence on our life.

Negative people bring stress, inconvenience, and anxiety to obe’s life, while positive people create positive vibes. We feel refreshed and enthusiastic after having a meeting with them. However, we should know how to tackle every person with a different temperament and nature.

Moreover, the narcissist has low self-esteem and wants to be highlighted or grab the attention of everyone. Sometimes, they react awfully because they feel worthless. Research has divided them into categories like grandiose or vulnerable. You can say that grandiose is not rigid narcissists while vulnerable are tough and show aggressive behavior.

Want to know how to deal with them? Let’s discuss it

Tips for dealing with a narcissist

Following are the tips that guide you on how to deal with the narcissist.

1- If you are dealing with superb, they suffer from low-esteem but show a lot of confidence. Keep them on the front foot to feel valued. They can perform highly creative to deal with a narcissist.

2- Vulnerable are aggressive but introverted. Help them in handling their emotions and check out their temperament before discussing anything.

3- Don’t show reactions immediately to their behavior. Keep calm and respond to them in a better way.

4- Avoid direct controversy with them or direct tough conversation. Compliment them without any hesitation. They accept your positive behavior.

5- To remember your self-esteem in front of narcissists is useless. So, to avoid that situation, be brief in the conversation with them.

6- Maintain a gap with them and ask them first if you take an opinion on some matter.

7- You can leave if it is possible, otherwise act interested in their conversation.


It is a highly discussed matter that avoids negative people as much as you can, but it is not possible in some cases. So, you should show courage and do some productive steps by understanding their behavior. The steps mentioned above will help you out in how to deal with such people around you in different situations. The response is better rather than giving them an abrupt reaction. If you are dealing with them differently, let us know in the comments.

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