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How long can you go without water?

As food or air is necessary for survival, water is also essential for human life. It regulates and maintains the body because approx. Seventy percent of our body consists of water. However, water is the basic necessity to live.

According to the research, a human can live without food for 3-4 weeks while only surviving for 3-4 days without water. Moreover, the population in the world is increasing rapidly it indicating more reservoirs of water and food. But with the increase in the number of people, global temperature increases, and due to this warming or climate change, water reservoirs and food is affected tremendously.

Variety of facts

1- A human body needs food and water to perform its tasks or function. So, it varies from person to person that how much capacity they have to bear dehydration.

2- Young people or adults have enough willpower to face any difficulty. So, they can bear without water for at least 6-7 days. But if their physical activity is more than any person they hardly take 3 days.

3- The health of a person also indicates their energy level. A person suffering from diseases or medically not fit is not able to bear without water.

4- It also depends on climate conditions. If the weather is pleasant, the human body doesn’t react to dehydration in summer or hot weather.

Hazards of not drinking water

There are a lot of advantages if you are not drinking enough water. 

  • Your body gets dehydrated, and it directly affects your brain. The nerves in the brain get swell, and your body won’t respond to you.
  • The body temperature gets upset due to dehydration, the blood pressure will increase or decrease abnormally, and the waste from your blood will not be carried out properly.
  • The joint of the body get jammed or stiff that you will not be able to move it properly.
  • It can also lead to kidney failure and breakdown in the energy level.


Water is a vital element of life. None of us can live without it. According to the research, 3-4 are the average days the human body can live without water. So, this article gave you enough knowledge about how long the human body lives without water and the hazards the human body can face if you need any assistance or help, comment in the section below.

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