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Vegetarian pasta recipes?

In the following article, we get to know about Vegetarian pasta recipes? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys. So, here we will share with you some of the vegetarian pasta recipes for vegetable lovers. They will be liked by you and also are healthy. So let’s start with the first recipe;

Creamy mushroom pasta:

It’s very flavorful, and if you need to get a whole meal, it’s best to eat. So let’s discuss the recipe;


Step 1 Heat the oil and fry the onions.

Step 2 Now, you will add mushrooms to it.

Step 3 Add garlic and wine.

Step 4 Add cream, lemon juice, and parmesan in it.

Step 5 Sprinkle the salt and pepper.

Step 6 Cook the pasta in the meantime.

Step 7 Now mix the pasta with the mixture.

Step 8 It’s ready to serve; you can add cheese to it as well.

Pea & leek open lasagne:

It’s one of the less time-consuming, easy, and healthy pasta recipes which will take 25 minutes to get ready. So let’s discuss the recipe;


Step 1 Put a pan on the heat and fry the leeks and garlic.

Step 2 Put another pan of water and let the water boil.

Step 3 However, add the peas and kale into the leeks and water.

Step 4  Now add lemon, low-fat crème fraîche, and wholegrain mustard into it put the heat too low.

Step 5 Now add water and mix them well.

Step 6 Add lasagne into the water.

Step 7 So, take a lasagne sheet on a plate and fill it with the mixture; again, put a sheet on it and the remaining layer.

Step 8 Now add lemon juice and pepper to the top.

So, here your dish is ready to serve.

Healthy pasta primavera:                                       

One of the healthy and tasty recipes, with beans, leeks, and greens.


Step 1 Boil the beans, peas with garlic in water as the vegetables you need for pasta should be boiled.

Step 2 Boil the pasta in another pan.

Step 3 Now, you need to fry the leeks in oil and add fromage frais.

Now, Step 5: Add the boiled vegetables, pasta, and other herbs to the fried leeks.

Step 6 Sprinkle the seasonings into it and serve.

Fettuccine alfredo:

This is an Italian dish. One of the easy recipes will take 25 minutes.


Step 1 Stir well cream, butter, and cornflour in a pan on low heat.

Step 2 So, mix cheese, nutmeg, and pepper in a bowl.

Step 3 Put the pasta in a pan and 2 tbsp. Salt and cook.

Step 4 So, drain the pasta into some water after being cooked.

Step 5 Now, however, put the pasta into the cream mixture and add cheese over it.

Step 6 Now fold them gently over low heat.

Step 7 So, Add 3 tbsp of water into it.

Step 8 Now, let it cook until the water gets absorbed.

Step 9 Sprinkle parsley over it. And it’s ready to serve.

Hope you have liked all of the recipes, and they are quite easy to try, so try it today or tonight, and best of luck to you for their taste which will be good.

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