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How to remove gel polish?

A persistent manicure that does not lose its excellent visual properties for a long time – this is the dream of every woman. And the plan comes true: gel polish, easy to apply to the nails and lasts for at least two weeks. Pallet gel varnish allows you to perform a manicure of almost any shade. Only now, many women do not want to revisit the salon to remove the gel polish from their nails. Therefore, most of them wonder whether it is possible to remove this coating from the nail plate. 

How to remove gel varnishes at home

Regardless of the cleaning of the nail plate from the gel polish, a professional remover can be. This tool isn’t cheap. However, there are more affordable tools out there. For example, you can use acetone-containing liquids to remove the gel polish coating from the nails. If you use tools that do not contain acetone to remove varnish gel, then the manicure loses its beautiful shine, like the enlarged nail plates, but it remains on the nails. At home, there is no need to cut the gel nail polish. After all, such actions can damage not only the nails but also the cuticles. It should be noted that before removing most types of gel polishes, the top layer of gloss must be carefully removed (cut). The operation is performed with a particular nail file. 

How to remove gel polishes yourself without using foil 

Various sources provide picture instructions on how to remove the gel varnish at home using tools and foil. But what to do if there is no food wrap in the kitchen? Alternatively, you can use a regular food film, which also does not allow air to pass through and thus does not affect the time and efficiency of the process. There is another way to remove gel polish from nails without foil that cannot be used for those who have enlarged the nail plate:

  •  It is necessary to pour a small amount of a special agent to remove gel polish in a small container.
  •  A greasy nourishing cream or a special cosmetic cuticle oil must be applied to the cuticle and the side rollers of the nails.
  •  The fingers should wrap with a soft glue base. The ideal option is a medical patch.
  •  Fingernails fall into this type of bath so that the liquid completely covers them. The duration of the procedure is 7 to 10 minutes.
  •  The plaster is initially peeled off from just one nail. Gel polishes should remove from the nail plate with a special orange pen. The coating should move away from the nail in the form of a thin film. In this way, all pins are clean from the varnish gel. If there is no orange pencil, it can replace with a plastic manicure pusher. 
  • After removing the coating, it is necessary to prepare a filling mask for nails to neutralize the harmful effects of acetone.
  •  Cuticle very greasy smeared care cream. 

 Tips for removing gel polishes without using foil

  •  Many women interest in whether it is possible to remove the gel polish with technical acetone. During the procedure, you can not use specialized solvent, as it will injure the enlarged nails and the skin of the fingers.
  •  Do not try to remove the coating from the nails. However, padded discs should remove be using circular motions if acetone lotions use during gel polish removal. This will not erase the coating, but it will make removing cotton pads from the nails much more accessible. Once the gel varnish applies to the enlarged nail plate, it cannot remove. After all, gel polishes only dissolve under the influence of acetone, which dissolves and lengthens the nails.
  •  Nails that are sensitive to the effects of acetone can clean with diluted alcohol (vodka).

 The procedure for removing gel polish from nails at home without foil consider relatively simple. You can view the entire sequence of this process to see special video instructions visually. Sustainable, innovative manicure for shellac, which sticks on the nails for two weeks and a couple of months, has categorically conquered the modern market for nail art tools. However, gel polishes need to remove periodically to apply a new decorative layer or correct the shape of the nails. How do I remove stubborn gel polish at home, and how do I use foil?

 What you need to remove paint 

To remove gel polish from nail manufacturers, offer a unique tool – a remover. It contains acetone, which is necessary to dissolve the natural resins contained in shellac. Removing gel polishes at home with foil and remover is a simple procedure that requires:

  •  Unique device for removing shellac (Remover). 
  • Foil (immediately buy a roll of food, wrap it – will be helpful for a long time). Orange sticks (nail scoops). 
  • Sanding files, cotton pads.

 If you don’t have a remover on hand and don’t know how to replace the branded tool, you can use nail polish remover to remove the coating, but the composition without acetone will not work.

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