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How to make corn on the cob?

Corn on the cob is a treat to enjoy! People who belong to rural countries know the joy of eating corn in this way. It is made of pure carbohydrates. Corn is a great and healthy snack to munch on when popped and eaten like popcorn. They are the best snack eaten while watching movies.

Corn is eaten in so many ways. Some people like to eat it as grains are cooked in charcoaled sand, while others prefer to eat it in a salad in boiled form. Some people like to eat sweetcorn after boiling them in hot water.

Benefits of eating corn:

The major benefits of eating corn are mostly ignored. People take it for granted and do not notice the benefits this fibre packed house causes to your body. It helps your body function properly in digesting the meals easily without being stuck in the large intestine. So, It also lowers the chances of a human body getting prone to cancer or cancerous cells as it is whole grain.

It is extremely rich in the content of vitamin C, which means that it keeps the cells fresh and boosts the immune system of the human body. Eating corn also improves your eyesight because of the presence of carotenoids. It is also a power-packed house of vitamins K, E and B, which means that this grain is best for your skin. So do not be frightened! Just much on it!

How to cook corn on the cob?

It is very easy to cook corn on the cob. There is no rocket science in it, trust me! Follow the steps below, and you can enjoy corn anytime you like. Let’s start:

  • Remove the green leaves off the corn cob. Try to pull off the elongated hair strands from the corn cob.
  • After that, place the corn cobs in a pressure cooker and fill it with water to immerse them completely.
  • Tightly close the pressure cooker, if you do not have any idea about how to use it, it is advised to read the instruction manual thoroughly.
  • Wait for half an hour until you hear at least 3 whistles from the cooker.
  • Wait for the gas to escape completely, and then remove the lid slowly and cautiously.
  • Drain the water from the corn cob and place it aside.
  • Then sprinkle some tangy spices combined with squash or lemon juice and enjoy!

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